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Clean Beauty By A Green Chemist

All of our products use high quality, skin-loving ingredients from sustainable sources.  No two oils or ingredients are identical, and we hand select the ones we use based on the qualities each ingredient contributes to our final product.  We use the chemistry of each natural ingredient and the science of natural soapmaking to create a product that truly nurtures and gives back to your skin.  Every product in our store is created and thoroughly tested by our chemist and owner to ensure only the best products reach your home.

  • Featuring our Seashell Lifting Soap Dish and Lavender Chamomile Soap

Our Mission

At Green Chemist Soap, we create natural products that promote health, joy, and healing, while being safe and effective for every skin.  We use high quality, natural ingredients from sustainable sources so people of all ages and skin types can have confidence in our products, their skin, and themselves.

  • Featuring our Brown Stone Lifting Soap Dish and Honey  Oatmeal Facial Soap