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Custom Label Lip Balm Information

Custom Label Lip Balm Information

Tube & Label

Our tubes are a standard 0.15oz round lip balm tube.  We use a weatherproof, glossy label with a tamper evident tab.  The ends of the label have some overlap. See the image below to see how this label will fit on our lip balm tube.

Required Information

Labeling requirements may vary depending on the use of the product and your location.  Resale in the United States requires INCI ingredients, size, and manufacturer (and/or distributor) information.  These requirements are included on our Canva template and should not be removed.  We will not apply any labels that do not have this information.

If you prefer to have different information on your labels, please consider our White Label Lip Balms.


Label Design

Our lip balm label template is available on Canva at the link below.  You will need to create a free account (or sign in with an existing account) to access it.  

The pages in the template are named for the lip balm variety - the ingredients differ for each one.  Customize the labels you need with your brand logo, colors, background, and font - even change the name of the lip balm if you like! Required information should not be removed or changed with the exception of text color.

Lip Balm Label Elements

The last page of the template is a round label for the display box - you can create a single label to be used with all lip balm varieties (this is best if you plan to mix lip balm varieties within a single box) or you can copy the template page and create a separate round label for each variety.

When you are finished designing, share (in Canva) your design to purusallure@gmail.com - this will give us access to your design and let us know you are ready for us to print your labels!

*Please note the black outline and safety line will be removed from your design and will not appear on labels.*

Template Link and QR Code