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Meet the Founder

Hi!  I'm Jarin.  I Am A Chemist By Profession

I earned a Bachelor's of Science in Chemistry and studied toxicology post graduation. I worked in Research & Development for a toxicology and healthcare laboratory. Now, I use the chemistry of natural ingredients to formulate natural skin care products, free of preservatives, detergents, and artificial colors or fragrances.


I Am Also a Clean Skincare Advocate

When one of my daughters was 6, she was diagnosed with a rare skin disease. This started me on the path of clean skin care products and I began making them myself to ensure only the highest quality ingredients made their way onto my family's skin.


Starting Purus Allure

As I tested soap formulations, I noticed my own skin, and that of my family, becoming softer and healthier. Over time, I gifted pounds of natural soap to family and friends. They all came back with the same comment, "This is the best soap I've ever used."

I wanted to give people the same joy and confidence that I felt by using a high quality, natural product on my skin. And in February 2018, I began Purus Allure.


All of our products are inspired by nature.  Learn more about how we make each product and the ingredients we use here.