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Why we need product testers

 Thank you so much for your interest in being a product tester with Green Chemist Soap!  My name is Jarin and I started soap-making to help my daughter who was diagnosed with a rare skin disease when she was 6 years old.  As a chemist, I formulated my soaps to be very moisturizing and non-irritating, because as a mother, I desperately wanted to create something that would soothe her skin and prevent it from drying out further.

My mission for Green Chemist Soap is to create natural products that promote health, joy, and healing, while being safe and effective for every skin.  We use high quality, natural ingredients from sustainable sources so people of all ages and skin types can have confidence in our products, their skin, and themselves.

My ultimate goal is for my products to become a homeopathic treatment for many skin conditions so those suffering can find relief, hope, and confidence.  Product testers like you are an invaluable source of information, helping me to understand what my products do to help your skin and where they fall short.  The data I collect will be used to improve current products, create new products, and for future submission to research and testing programs which are able to perform more in depth testing.


How to be a great product tester

  • Complete the Before Survey BEFORE you begin testing. This gives us a baseline to compare to. 
  • Do not change any portion of your current skin care routine, if possible, except for the product you are testing. If any changes are made (medical reasons, no longer needing a product, etc.) please make note of the date the change occurs. 
    • If you experience an adverse response to the product, please discontinue use immediately and complete the After Survey on our website.
  • Take a photo of the affected areas before testing and once a week during testing. Try to take your before and weekly photos under similar conditions (lighting, angles, or time of day/activity).  
  • Use the product regularly for 4 weeks.
  • Complete the After Survey and email your before photos and your weekly photos to


How to request to be a product tester

Have a U.S. address or APO address.  We currently do not ship to international addresses.

Read through How to be a great product tester above and agree to these requirements.

Contact us by email at and use Product Testing in the subject line.

Let us know what skin condition(s) you are experiencing, how long you have had the(se) skin condition(s) and how severe your symptoms are.  

Someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.  Please note that while we would like to help everyone, not everyone will meet our current testing needs and each request will be reviewed on an individual basis.